Update v84

Update v84:
* Fixed bottom left Refinery docks not working
* Fixed Distillation Column playing sound effect when not actually working
* Fixed Distillation Column not running truly continuously
* Made Tin spawn one level earlier
* Made Gas Turbine rotatable
* Made Gas Turbine power output split evenly across all parts
* Made Lifts not require Tin to build
* Made Power Poles not placeable ontop of high power docks
* Clarified Timelapse function not being a way to speed up the game
* Renamed "Gravel" to "Ore Gravel" to clarify distinction with Stone Gravel
* Renamed "Dust" to "Ore Dust" to clarify distinction with Stone Dust
+ Added additional guaranteed Copper Ore vein at level 0
+ Added indicators for stackable buildings (Distillation Column & Gas Turbine)


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Version v84 Nov 28, 2019

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