Update v98

Update v98 (end of big beta round):
* Completely reworked the power system - Your electric setups might not generate sufficient power anymore, just because only now the simulation is correct
* Fixed many issues of power not working with game speed up
* Fixed crash related to power pole repositioning
* Fixed crash related to high power - low power connections
* Fixed crash when selecting paused Gas Turbine
* Fixed distillation column not saving their power level
* Fixed power leakage display being wrong
* Fixed not being able to place a single copper cable on top of buildings
* Fixed buildings without output buffer not immediately outputting contents (like the furnace)
* Fixed Valve visuals appearing to not connect properly
* Fixed Tubes showing 0.000L of fluids
* Fixed bug where Gas Turbines would generate Water
* Fixed Gas Turbine progress bar in rotated placement
* Performance boost
+ Added better power statistics on Substations


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Version v98 Jan 19, 2020

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